2 MANY LIZARDS and Teri Hall invite you share her two favorite passions — embroidery software and machine embroidery! “Stay Software Sharp” using BERNINA Embroidery software plus “Easy Embroidery Essentials” for all brands, makes and models of embroidery machines.

NEW! Software Creativity Retreat Nov. 6-8, 2020

Fall in love with your software and be inspired at a virtual weekend retreat! Featuring 12 mini lessons from Amanda Whitlatch and Teri Hall using BERNINA Embroidery Software V8 or V7. $39 per person.

‘Stay Software Sharp’

Join me LIVE on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 2 pm CST in our 2 Many Lizards Facebook group for free weekly editing and digitizing tips designed to develop and build your software skills. My digitizing method teaches you to choose the correct tool for creating objects, plus how and why the tool works. Feel inspired and confident with everything you and the software can create! 2020 dates: Oct. 20. Nov. 3, 17. Dec. 1, 15.

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‘Easy Embroidery Essentials’

Join me LIVE on the first and third Thursday every month at 2 pm CST, in our 2 Many Lizards Facebook group for free weekly tips and tricks to inspire and build your embroidery skills. Venture into the world of needles, threads and stabilizers as we play with designs, embroidery machines, cutting machines and any other tool we can find! 2020 dates: Oct. 15. Nov. 5, 19. Dec. 3, 17.

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Teri presents courses in sewing, embroidery, and related software for all skill levels. Please visit Classes page for details and pricing.

Teri’s entertaining style makes learning interesting and fun

With over 20 years’ experience teaching and using BERNINA software, Teri takes joy in encouraging people of all ages to be inspired by learning how to be successful with their machines and software programs — and she takes pride in their results.

Teri says: “With embroidery software, I believe you must know why to pick that particular tool, not just what the tool does . . . my software teaching style is tool-based, not project-based. My hope is that you become as passionate and knowledgeable about your software as I am.”

Teri first purchased the BERNINA Customizer Designer V1 in 1998 to make a Baltimore Album Quilt for her husband and began teaching software classes using V3. She did finish the Baltimore Album quilt using the tools in V4, but gave the quilt to a church for auction. The new tools in V8 have inspired her to make another quilt for her patient husband, so stay tuned! She fine-tuned her diverse sewing and embroidery skills by working and teaching at a multi-store BERNINA dealership for more than 15 years.

Teri's entertaining style of teaching makes learning the BERNINA Embroidery Software interesting and fun. A sought-after speaker who continues to teach around the USA about all things embroidery, she has years of experience with multiple machine brands, sewing, quilting, threads and needles.

A properly digitized design is only the beginning of your adventure. “I’ll also teach you about needles, stabilizers and thread,” Teri says, “so you will be crossing the finish line with knowledge and style!”

“Teri is enthusiastic and motivating. She keeps up with the growing sophistication of the sewing/fabric crafting machines and constantly updates her instruction to take advantage of the software.”

What’s in a name?
2 MANY Lizards

It’s not a name that makes you think of machine embroidery or digitizing software — unless you have taken classes from Teri.

The lizard is from the BERNINA artwork folder, and it has been the perfect graphic for my beginning class exercise for creating designs from graphics. For example, the lizard graphic has a thick outline, common with many graphics, so it is a great exercise for how to create thin outlines.

Through the years and the different versions of the BERNINA embroidery software, I continued to use the lizard graphic in my beginning digitizing classes. My software classes were nicknamed by stores and students alike, as “The Lizard,” “The Cactus” and “The Magnolia,” instead of using my published class name, such as “Graphics to Designs.” There have been four versions of “The Lizard” class, hence the name “2 Many Lizards.”

My students love to tell me how many lizards they had done as a way to know how many versions they have used. My computer (and my husband) would tell you there are too many lizards in my life!

— Teri Hall

stabilizers and thread

Tools of the trade: stabilizers and thread.


From graphic to finished embroidery.

“Teri is a priceless gem as a teacher. She explains not just what we need to do, but tells us why.  Many of us can follow steps, but to understand why we take those steps is the key to learning. The depth of her knowledge and understanding is astounding, and it is not limited to just one brand of machine. if you find an opportunity to study with Teri, grab that chance with both hands!”