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How do I watch your free live videos every month?

Open Facebook, and in the search box, type “2ManyLizards” to locate our group. You will be asked if you own an embroidery machine, because, in spite of its name, this is not a nature group. The free Facebook Live videos will also be posted on this site on the Video Freebies page.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account to take your classes?

It is very easy to open a new Facebook account. Go to www.facebook.com/r.php

  1. Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. To finish creating your account, you must confirm your email or mobile phone number.
  4. Now you can go to your page and determine what settings you prefer. You can even be Private and not visible so no one can find you.

I have V6 software — will these BERNINA software classes help me?

You must have V7 or V8 to take these classes. BERNINA changed the whole look of the software with V7. You will be lost because my screen will look nothing like yours. And V8 uses tools that you don’t have in V6.

What if I have V7 software — will these classes help me?

Yes! V7 and V8 are on the same platform. You are missing certain tools, such as the Knife in the Edit toolbox. Plus, V8 has a more powerful version of Corel, but the digitizing concepts will help you learn more about your V7 software. Feel free to email me if you want to know more about the differences or are thinking of upgrading to V8.

My computer is very slow. How will I keep up with you if it freezes?

It is important that you listen and watch to understand how and why I am using a particular tool. No worries, there is a step-by-step software handout and archived videos that you can refer to as the course progresses or for practicing later. These resources can be found in the specific class Facebook group.

I paid for the Zoom webinar but did not get the code for the Facebook group.

The code for the Zoom webinar Facebook group is actually in the webinar!

With the live webinars, do I have to follow you with my computer?

No, you can print the handout and watch/listen to the class. My handouts are created so that you do not need to take copious notes. All the videos, including the live webinars, are archived so that you can refer back to the information.

Where are the class supply lists?

They are detailed in the More area with each class. My goal to teach you how to use the supplies you already own for all my classes.

I want to take the Obedience School for your Sewing Machine, but I don’t have my manual. Does that mean that I shouldn’t take the class?

Check online and see if there is a digital copy of your sewing machine manual. Please still take the class, because it mostly covers thread, needles and tension. A manual is nice to have as a reference to the features of your machine.

What if I have more questions after the webinars?

You can contact me by email, text or ask questions in the Facebook Group. I have never been asked a stupid question and have been teaching for years!

I paid for a webinar but am unable to attend. What are my options?

You have two choices. One is to watch what you can and then refer to the archived recording to see what you missed. I set up the Facebook groups knowing that life happens and sometimes it even interferes! Rest assured that the videos and handouts are designed to help you catch up on anything you have missed.

The second option is a refund. You will not have access to the Facebook group for the class since that is where all the webinar files live.

Do you teach in person?

Once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, yes. Until then, we are offering weekly nuggets of information on this site and via our Facebook Live and Zoom courses/webinars.

I am a beginning embroiderer. What tools do I need to get started?

It depends on what you want to embroider. Take the Embroidery Basics Course for 2020, which will answer many of your questions.

How true is the estimated length of your webinars?

Every webinar has time built in for short breaks and questions. Timing depends on the number of students who actually attend and how many questions are asked. I do limit the number of students for every webinar.

For the 4 to 6 hour webinars — are there lunch or dinner breaks?

The longer sessions do have a break halfway through the session.

If I take the class this year, are you going to have a newer version next year?

All revisions are updated in your class Facebook group, so you will receive access to all new content on that topic without needing to take the class again. Of course, a new version of the embroidery software will be a totally different class.

Where is 2 Many Lizards located?

In Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

“Teri Hall is a highly sought-after teacher who really knows her stuff. She has years of knowledge and teaching experience with incredible depth in embroidery software, sewing, thread, adhesives, appliqué, and more. Her entertaining style keeps her students engaged. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’s willing to research it and figure it out. I always learn something new from Teri in every class.”


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“I have taken embroidery software lessons from Teri on many occasions over the last 10 years. She is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met on software and gives the clearest instructions I have ever received. I am currently upgrading my BERNINA software and will only take classes from Teri.”

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Free standing lace